Protests & Complaints

1. All protests and complaints of inappropriate actions must be in writing and filed within 48 hours of the incident, and must be HAND CARRIED to a member of the Executive Committee, or designee. The secretary should be notified of the protest for purposes of record.
a. Within two (2) days of hearing of an alleged incident, the MGCDA President will notify the Vice President – East or West to investigate said incident.
b. The Vice President – East or West will inform all involved parties that an investigation is underway and make arrangements to meet with the people involved.
1) The VP East or West will try to resolve the reported dispute.
2) The VP(s) will make a written report within three (3) days of their findings, citing all specifications and charges, if any to the President.
2. If the reported dispute cannot be resolved by the Vice President East or West, the President will call a meeting of the Executive Committee within three (3) days to serve as a Trial Committee.
a. The parties involved in the incident will be notified of the place and time of the trial hearing and their attendance will be requested.
b. All involved parties will be given an opportunity to address the Trial Committee.
3. When the Trial Committee reaches a decision of what action to take, the accused will be informed of the decision.
a. The accused will have an option of accepting the decision or appealing it to the Board of Governors.
b. If the accused accepts the decision of the Trial Committee, the matter is closed and the decision of the Trial Committee goes into effect.
4. If the accused chooses to appeal to the Board of Governors, the appeal will be heard at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Governors.
a. The decision of the Executive Committee remains in effect until there is a decision made by the Board of Governors, and the involved parties will be given an opportunity to speak.
b. After discussion the Board of Governors will reach a decision in the matter.
c. The decision of the Board of Governors will be final and binding.