Member $500 Tournament

This tournament is approved twice a year by the BOG.

When this tournament started it was a “free” tournament for MGCDA members held at the Christmas party/picnic. In the past a dart shooter, that was not a MGCDA member, could purchase a full year dart card ($25) and participate. With the inception of 1/2 year dart cards ($15) a non member could purchase a 1/2 year card and shoot in the “free” $500 blind draw.

In 2014 the EC brought to the BOG, and was approved, that since the “free” $500 was held the same day as the Backwards CoonAss Charity tournament, the MGCDA members not shooting in the Backwards CoonAss tournament as well as the non-member dart shooters could pay $15 and shoot in the “free” $500 blind draw dart tournament held the evening of the Backwards CoonAss charity dart tournament, with the monies collected through out the whole day donated to MGCDA charities.