VP East letter to Membership

To: MGCDA Membership From: Raymond Campion I would like to congratulate Charles Rushing on becoming the new President of MGCDA. Charles is an excellent choice for MGCDA and I’m confident that MGCDA will thrive with Charles at the helm. I fully endorse and support Charles and the entire Executive Council and wish them well. I also wish to thank the MGCDA members for providing me with a blast of a good time these past few years. This organization has some fantastic, fun, and wonderful people that make this such a joy to play in. I will continue to look forward to meeting you all on Thursday nights, and some of you I’m sure will see at some of the many tournaments held at out sponsor’s. Keep the fun in this game – as a team mate of mine is fond of saying, “Ray, it’s only a game.” Finally, I wish…

Dart Cards

Starting Monday July 11th. Buddies Inn, Gulfport Hwy 49 AND Sweets Lounge, Ocean Springs. 421 Porter Ave, Ocean Springs, MS 39564 Phone: (228) 872-1579


There are a changes that are being made to the schedules. Please be patient while we fix a couple of things. The new schedule should be available by Monday. Captains that the changes affect will be called and an email will be sent through the MGCDA system. Thank you.

Board of Governors Meeting

7:00pm Thursday July 7, 2016 D’Iberville VFW West Gay Road Awards that were not picked up at the Awards banquet will be available before and after meeting. 1/2 season dart cards will go on sale at 6:00pm. No dart cards will be available online.

Welcome to your new Site

Take a moment to look around. The site redesign was done in an effort to consolidate information. (your benefit as well as the webmaster & secretary). The new design also offers each one of the EC members an opportunity to “blog” (let you know what is going on) on occasion. If you are looking for something and don’t see it please email the webmaster  You can read more by clicking the title of each “blog”  


Check for spelling and scores for awards. Make sure you check the sponsor/team list to ensure your team is on the list and the information is correct. Rosters are due by 6:00 pm June 1st or your team will not be put on the schedule for next season. 4 ways you can get your roster in on time: You can fill out roster online save and submit (scroll to bottom of this page) Email team name -sponsor name, address & phone number -captain’s name and phone number -all members of your team names and phone numbers download the roster from below print and snail mail or email picture Deliver it to the secretary at the May 26th BOG at the D’Iberville VFW.


We will be selling 1/2 season dart cards. May 26, 2016 at 6pm, VFW D’Iberville…And also can turn in rosters and ask questions…Thanks Kat Also, available July 7th BOG dart cards….Don’t forget COONASS June 25th at VFW D’Iberville 10:59

President’s Corner

5/3/16 .  Email to secretary.   Rosters. Or bring to BOG may 26th vfw Diberville. Capt and co capt name and number Bar name, address, number Players names and card number if full season.   Last team played on if any. Get bar approval before Print out and bring or email to secretary Keep copy for yourself For those who don’t have rosters Roster due June 1st 2016 CAPTAINS: Please verify spelling for awards, make sure top shots are correct, team members names are correct for Division winners!!!  Thanks   If something missing email secretary ASAP! Shot well, and good luck to those in the play offs next week!


Randy Winchell Ado Rep. Looking for a few good women to throw in ADO events Looking for a few good men to throw in AOD events. An informal get together is scheduled for May 7, 2016 Dedeaux Rd at noon We will play a round robin for fun and answer questions about ADO Congrats to: Randy Winchell Dwayne Davis Steve Hecko Gary Goble Qualifying for East/West Allstars Regional Qualifier Regionals April 16, 2016 VFW Gulfport Nationals Masters will be held in Charlotte, NC 4/8/16 next shoots all in gulfport vfw May 7 14 finals 28 for us team in denver.also randy winchell won regional for east west allstars in stamford ct.