Teams looking for players

Sweet’s Copper Team is looking to add two or three players. We had someone drop out due to health issues. Contact Amy Blanton, 228-219-6679 Rebels Dart Team copper out of Val’s is looking for 1 more player. We will be playing at Sweets tonight if interested! Really would love to start the season out with a full team. VIA PENNY BENTON FACEBOOK! Team America had 5 people from the roster drop off the team today..deployments (2) new jobs(2) and a new baby (1) so if you know anyone who can hit the board, we’re looking. Please show up at the Clubhouse tomorrow night at 630 with a dart card…VIA STEVE MONTELEONE FACEBOOK Barracuda’s out of Buddy’s Inn are looking for two players they are platinum division in the West. Contact Randy Winchell if interested Misfits Gold East are looking for a couple of players contact Toni Noble if interested