Roster That I have in

here is the names of the teams I have Rosters for. I you do not see your name please get in touch with me today 6/16/2017. Tomorrow is the last day to get in rosters. Murry’s Mob, Suck My Bulls,Brew Krewe, Li Demons, Bull Strikerz,Baracuda’s,Hell Hounds, Kahuna Krazies, Misfits, Show Me Your Tips, Fun Crew,Controlled Chaos Out Of Control, Wild Bunch, Unstable Arrows, Gone Crazy,Irish Empire,Party After Five, Steel Trippin, Brass Monkeys, Family Traditions,4526ers,Southern Throwers,Twisted Flights, Here Comes Trouble, Judy’s Jokers, Haven’s Has Heart, Hooters Shooters, Flyers, Flight Club, Clueless, Double Bull Vets,Blind Squirrels, Thats Some Bull, Just For Fun, Swat, Dart Devils, Respect-Dub-Bulls,Confederate Pride,Just Stick It,Team America,Dart knight, Sons of Arthritis,Damidino,Cock of the walk1,Rebels,Gulf Coast Eagles,Get The Point,Graham Crackers,Chainsaws and Flip Flops,Pokers and Jokers,Just A Drinkin,Bit of England,Big JIms,Doogles,Cock of the Walk 2,Who Darted?, Lucked Out, Steam boaters,Just The Tip

Proposed add ins to The Bye-laws

Prosposed by Kat Burns Article 14-tournaments add to : F- Order Mississippi wood from Mitchell Dist. Coonass tourney add to: 1-d— Order Coonass T-shirts after tourney for the 1st place team 1–e- Order Trophy for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Article 6: ADO duties: add–f… must keep a log book of all money coming in and going out for audits add: PR- g:—- must keep a log book of all money coming and goings for auditors add to job duties: Youth Director ( this way they know their duties) Youth Director: must have a log book of all money taking in and all expenses for the season for auditors announce location and time of sign up all youth for upcoming season, assign location for Youth/Adult tournament will assign dates for all events for Youth League, including tourney will get with treasure or do their self to order awards for youth league…


The BOG is Thursday July 13th at 7pm. VFW Diberville  West Gay Road. Come on out with and see what is going on with MGCDA. We will be giving out awards voting on proposals and giving out team schedules Looking forward to seeing you all there

Teams looking for players

Sweet’s Copper Team is looking to add two or three players. We had someone drop out due to health issues. Contact Amy Blanton, 228-219-6679 Rebels Dart Team copper out of Val’s is looking for 1 more player. We will be playing at Sweets tonight if interested! Really would love to start the season out with a full team. VIA PENNY BENTON FACEBOOK! Team America had 5 people from the roster drop off the team today..deployments (2) new jobs(2) and a new baby (1) so if you know anyone who can hit the board, we’re looking. Please show up at the Clubhouse tomorrow night at 630 with a dart card…VIA STEVE MONTELEONE FACEBOOK Barracuda’s out of Buddy’s Inn are looking for two players they are platinum division in the West. Contact Randy Winchell if interested Misfits Gold East are looking for a couple of players contact Toni Noble if interested